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Apollo Gate, OEM-Replacement Gate Parts,  Push Button for momentary opening or closing gate Opener. Mounted on side of control box.

Linear Access, LIN AM-DPR Dual Proximity Reader is designed for use with Linear's access control systems. Close range reader works with proximity tags or proximity cards, rated for extreme weather and vandal resistant


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PBS-1 Single Button Control Stations

PBS-2 Two Button Control Stations

PBS-3 Three Button Control Stations

1BXT,  Single Push Button Exterior Control Stations, Nema 4 Enclosure 

2BXL, Two Button Control Stations w/ Lockout. Open- Close weatherproof exterior push buttons.

2BXT,  Two Push Button Control Stations, Exterior Enclosure, Open-Close contacts.

3BX Three Button Control Stations

3BXL, Three Push Button Control Stations, with lockout. Exterior enclosure, Open-Stop-Close contacts

3BXT Three Button Control Stations

Black Replacement Rubber Boot cover  for the 3BXL and 3BX Exterior control buttons.

Red Replacement Rubber Boot cover  for the 3BXL and 3BX Exterior control buttons.

(REX) Request-to-Exit Button, Red, 1-1/2" Dia. mushroom-cap push button. "Exit" and "Salida" silkscreened on plate. N.O./N.C. contact.

Reques-To-Exit, (REX) "No Touch", uses IR to request exit from an area or activate a device with a simple wave of a hand. The "No Touch" is ideal access control for use in hospitals, schools, offices, municipal etc.

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