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AELD, Plug-In, loop detectors, used in the CSW200 and SL3000, Elite Gate.

Diablo Controls,Universal Low Voltage Vehicle Detectors. Solar friendly

Doorkings, Plug in, Loop Detector, simplifies installation and wiring for DKS gate openers only.

Available in :

Single Channel Detector

Dual Channel Detector

Vehicle Detection, Free Exits opens gate when you approach your vehicle towards the gate. Can be installed up to approx. 100 foot from gate to detect vehicle when using a 100 foot wiring.

Loops are used in Vehicle Detection for automatic gate and barrier gates.

Available in Saw-Cut Loops, Pre-Formed Loops, Custom Loop Wire (Roll) and Backer Rod accessories.

Reno A&E, products features a variety of vehicle detectors, standard features with loop diagnostics, self tuning, compact, light weight and more.

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